Citing Narratives in the Archive

Humanizando la deportación, the world’s largest public qualitative archive on mass deportation, is an open access resource for researchers and the public at-large that values the knowledge offered through first-hand narratives by individuals who come in contact with deportation. As a result, the narratives housed in this archive are the shared intellectual property of the creators/ narrators and the community archive itself, which, by virtue of being open access, encourages educational, activist, and any other non-for-profit usage of the narratives.

In order to credit the labor and the knowledge that the creators of these digital narratives are sharing with the world, we suggest the following citation format when using the contents archived in this project:


Author/creator/narrator, “Title of Narrative”, Humanizando la Deportación, Narrative number, Copyright date: Site Url


Sánchez Pérez, Gerardo, “Crueles deportaciones”, Humanizando la Deportación, #1, 2017:

Navigating the Archive

In order to facilitate navigation of the archive, we suggest consulting the index of key terms provided here (A-C, D-F, G-I, J-M, N-P, Q-S, T-Z). Key terms are based on explicit oral or visual representations provided by the creators of each digital narrative.