“Migrar Informado” Project

This project emerged from a common observation that many migrants in Mexico, especially those who aspire to apply for asylum in the United States, have distorted or false ideas regarding what lies ahead of them and what options may offer them a realistic hope for a better life. Many seem to believe, perhaps informed by family members or members of organized criminal networks, that just arriving at the US border is enough to guarantee legal admission. Many don’t realize that they can be turned back at Mexico’s southern border, or be be deported from anywhere in Mexico if they don’t have proper documentation. At the US border, depending on the policies in place, they may have to wait months or years just to cross for the first time and open an asylum case, which might take a year or more to be adjudicated. Furthermore, many do not realize that many asylum claims are rejected: the statistics have been particularly grim for migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, where three quarters or more of applicants will end up losing their case and being deported back to their country of origin. The key criteria for evaluating asylum claims in the US: a well founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion,or membership in a particular social group, may not align well with the personal histories of migrants fleeing climate disaster, poverty, or gang violence, some of whom may have better chances obtaining refugee status in Mexico or other countries. This institutional collaboration between la Red Franciscana para Migrantes, Humanizando la Deportation and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México aims to help migrants to better understand how borders and asylum processes work in order to help them to make informed decisions regarding their future.

Migrar Informado Es Migrar Más Seguro I: Cruzar Fronteras

Migrar Informado Es Migrar Más Seguro II: El Asilo en Estados Unidos

Migrar Informado Es Migrar Más Seguro II: El Refugio en México