Rocky Hernández

Portrait by: Leopoldo Peña

89. That’s My Name

“So, they finally got me and put me in the van and they brought me to Mexico, to the borderland … They had me fill out some paperwork. “That’s it?” He says, “That’s it” … So here they come, right, ICE come back, they took me to the door [to Mexico] and he says, “Here you are.” 1:30 in the morning. I mean there’s nobody in sight, outside the door. It’s spooky, that’s it, because it’s so dark … You know, I been in worse places than that, like Vietnam … I wasn’t scared, you know. I wasn’t scared of nothing. The thing about it was I couldn’t understand what was going on, you know … I was in white sweats, white t-shirt, white tennis shoes, no money. I didn’t have a penny in my pocket, not my address books, I didn’t have nothing. Not no cell phone, I mean I didn’t have nothing.”

89. That’s My Name, Rock Hernandez