Vicente Escobar is a native of El Salvador. Currently, he finds himself in Toluca, taking charge of a migrant shelter while waiting to obtain the necessary papers to continue his journey to the United States. He has embarked on multiple migration attempts to reach his desired destination. His first venture to the United States took place in 1992, where he managed to secure employment and build a life for several years. Unfortunately, he was eventually deported back to his home country. In this account, Vicente talks about his experience as a migrant, crossing through Mexico, recounts both the moments of relief when policies eased and the hardships that ensued when restrictions tightened. He recounts having been kidnapped by criminal elements in Tlaxcala, and taken to Veracruz against his will. Vicente also tells about the routes he took to get to the border. Finally, Vicente also puts in the picture his experience in the private shelter of Don Armando, in Toluca, who selflessly offers migrants a safe place to live and eat, while they obtain their documentation to legally transit through Mexico.