Leonel narrates his multiple migrations and his exile from Nicaraguadue to government violence. He left his hometown, Chinandega, Nicaragua for Costa Rica when he was 12 years-old to earn more money for his family. Returning to Nicaragua at the age of 18, Leonel worked in construction. On September 17th, Leoneldrives a group of protesters to Managua. After witnessing the violence and the deaths of many protesters, he immediately returns to Chinandega. But, at the protest, state police photographed him, and soon after they arrive at his house, knock down his door with a warrant for his arrest because he is a state terrorist. Leonel flees and hides in the homes of his relatives. Tired of hiding, he flees to El Salvador with his wife and child. Eventually, he goes to Chiapas, Mexico and gets a visa. Soon after, he brings the rest of his family to Mexico where they plan to stay.