Paloma, a 49-year-old Mexican trans woman, suffered abuse and rape from her childhood by people close to her. This situation forced her to cross into the United States at the age of 23. Despite the challenges she faced, she found acceptance at an Italian restaurant and felt more liberated. Ten years later, with the intention of helping her sick mother, she returned to Mexico. In her hometown, she opened her first business of her own: a bar. However, she faced threats from members of organized crime, who wanted her to work for them. Once again, because of her vulnerability, she had to leave her city. With the urgent goal of survival, she had to adapt, temporarily modifying her gender-gender identity. After all, she persevered and eventually made it to Tijuana, where she found refuge at UT’s La Casita shelter. Currently, despite the anguish caused by not having the support of her family, Paloma is determined to improve herself.