In part V, José Luis tells about the caravan of migrants with disabilities who, after going through different cities raising awareness among the population, arrived in Washington, D.C. In the US capital they expected to meet with then-President Obama, but the meeting never happened. Instead, they met with congressmen, whom they briefed on their situation. Then they rented a house in Maryland. With no organization to support them with money or food, they had to subsist on the generosity of people who sympathized with their case. After residing in Maryland for a year, in a context in which then-President Trump was hardening his anti-immigrant discourse, they decided to go their separate ways. In Los Angeles, CA, following the recommendation of a group of nuns he had met in Mexico, José Luis contacted Richard Estrada, a priest at the Church of the Epiphany known for helping migrants. Father Estrada, says José Luis, was the one who motivated him to organize other undocumented immigrants with disabilities.